December Updates

It’s almost officially winter! On the cold days, Natick families will find the FRN playroom and the Cole Center gym to be a great place to meet friends and play…and there’s a playground for a brisk sunny interlude in the fresh air.


MUSICAL FUN drop-in is cancelled for Wednesday, December 6 due to a conflict for the volunteer facilitator.  Drop-in play time will begin at 9:30 on that day rather than 10:00am.

HOLIDAY SHOPPING?  Please benefit FRN when you shop at by using this link (click here) or by choosing the “amazon shopping” graphic on the home page of our website at  FRN will receive credit in the form of electronic gift cards for anywhere from 4% to 10% of your purchase (we do not see your personal information), so please choose to shop via FRN’s link! Many non-profits use the amazon smile program, but the percentage FRN receives through our Amazon Associates link is SO much higher that you’ll be donating to a non-profit at a much higher percentage. Thank you!

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