Free Child/Parent Playgroups

FRN follows the Natick Public Schools calendar and snow day closures.  New programs will be announced once school resumes.

Playgroups provide age-appropriate activities to promote healthy development and exploration. They give parents and caregivers opportunities to interact and build skills with their children through play.  Playgroups are designed to support families in understanding their child’s social-emotional, motor skills, and cognitive development, and prepare children for future experiences in and out of a school setting.


  1. Families residing in Natick will be given priority for all playgroups.
  2. Completing registration does not guarantee a space to the program.
  3. Registration is done through a lottery.
  4. Family Resources of Natick will notify you by phone of your registration status once lottery is complete.
  5. Please complete one form per child. The registration form is universal for all available programs.
  6. Children participating must fall in the age range for the age-specific playgroups at the start of the program.
  7. Non-participating children are only permitted to attend if they are 0-6 months and a sibling of a participant.
  8. Registration forms are not required for non-participating sibling children (0-6 months only).

If you miss three (3) programs without notice, you will lose your spot and risk your chance of attending a future registered program. Forms must be submitted by the date of the missed program. Please let us know if you can’t make it! There are two ways to get an excused absence:

  1. Preferred: Fill out an absentee form. This can be filled out in advance for known absences.
  2. Call our office at 508-655-2557.

If you need assistance completing this form, please contact Family Resources of Natick at 508-655-2557 or email at